Why did the medieval Spaniards choose to hunt bulls?

Introduction: The Spanish bull hunting tradition

Bull hunting, also known as bullfighting or corrida de toros, is a significant tradition in Spanish culture, and it has been an integral part of Spain’s history for centuries. The spectacle involves a bullfighter, or matador, who taunts and provokes a bull in an arena until he is able to kill it. Although the tradition has faced criticism from animal rights activists, it remains a beloved national pastime in Spain.

The origins of bull hunting in medieval Spain

The origins of bull hunting in Spain can be traced back to the Middle Ages. During this time, bulls were hunted for various reasons, including food, sport, and religious ceremonies. The Moors, who ruled Spain for over seven centuries, are credited with popularizing bullfighting, and it was during their reign that the sport began to take on a religious significance. In fact, the first recorded bullfight in history took place in honor of King Alfonso VIII’s coronation in 711 AD.

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