Why do blue-bellied lizards do push-ups?

Introduction: Blue-bellied lizards and their push-ups

Blue-bellied lizards, also known as Western fence lizards, are small reptiles native to the western United States. They are characterized by their bright blue bellies and brownish-gray backs. One of the most intriguing behaviors of blue-bellied lizards is their tendency to perform push-ups. This behavior is unique to this species, and has been the subject of much scientific inquiry.

What are push-ups in blue-bellied lizards?

Push-ups in blue-bellied lizards involve the rapid extension and flexion of their forelimbs, often accompanied by a rapid bobbing of their heads. This behavior is seen in both males and females, although males tend to perform push-ups more frequently and vigorously than females. Push-ups are often performed in response to other lizards or predators, and can be used as a form of communication or display. It is believed that push-ups may also play a role in thermoregulation, helping the lizards to warm up their bodies on cool mornings.

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