Why do cats lick themselves after being kissed by their owner?

Introduction: Understanding a Feline Behavior

Cats are fascinating creatures that are known for their particular behavior. One of these behaviors is licking themselves after being kissed by their owners. This behavior is intriguing and raises questions about its meaning and purpose. As a cat owner, it is essential to understand feline behavior to provide your pet with the best care possible. This article aims to shed light on this specific feline behavior, and the reasons behind it.

Cats’ Grooming Instincts: The Basics

Cats’ licking behavior has roots in their grooming instincts. Cats are naturally clean animals who spend a considerable amount of time grooming themselves each day. They use their tongue and saliva to clean their fur, remove debris, and distribute natural oils throughout their coat. Licking is an essential part of their grooming routine, helping to keep them clean and healthy. In addition, licking also serves as a form of self-soothing for cats, helping them to relax and feel less stressed.

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