Why do dogs lick other dogs’ genitals?

Introduction: Understanding the behavior of dogs

Dogs are known for their fascinating behavior and their unique ways of communicating with humans and other dogs. One of the behaviors that may seem strange to humans is the act of dogs licking each other’s genitals. However, this behavior is a normal and natural part of the canine world, and understanding the reasons behind it can help owners better understand and care for their pets.

The natural instinct of dogs to lick

Dogs use their tongues for a variety of reasons, such as grooming themselves, communicating with other dogs, and exploring their environment. Licking is a natural instinct that begins when a dog is born, as puppies will lick their mother’s face and genital area to stimulate milk production and clean themselves. As dogs grow older, licking becomes a form of social interaction, and they use it to convey affection, submission, and dominance. It is a way for dogs to communicate with each other, and it is an important part of their social behavior.

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