Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

If your dog loves squeaky toys, he is certainly not alone. Go to any pet store – you will find many squeaky toys made from different materials. What is so special about these toys that attract dogs so much?


Why Do Dogs Like Squeakers?

The main theory explaining why dogs love squeaky toys so much has to do with their hunting instinct. It is believed that the squeak of a toy is similar to the shrill cry of a hunted or caught prey. Once upon a time, the ancestors of dogs had to hunt in order to feed themselves, so this instinct was passed on to modern dogs.

Is It Safe to Play With These Toys?

In general, playing with squeaky toys is okay. But you need to follow some rules to avoid unwanted consequences.

For some dogs, squeaking toys can be a trigger – they can awaken the dormant hunting instincts in a pet so strongly that it will redirect them to other animals. Therefore, be careful if you have very small dogs, cats, or rodents in your home.

Don’t let your dog chew on squeaky toys. As funny as they are, they can cause injury. Many squeaky toys contain a small plastic squeaker. It can be very dangerous, especially if swallowed whole, as it can cause intestinal obstruction requiring surgery or choking. Therefore, be sure to watch your dog while playing with such a toy.

Offer your pet different toys. You shouldn’t be limited only to squeakers. Let your dog fulfill his desire to chew something with special toys designed specifically for chewing. And in general: the more varied the choice of toys a pet has, the less bored it will be.

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