Why Do Dogs Like to Run Away?

If during a walk your dog tries to escape from you, it is worth understanding the reasons for this behavior. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs get lost precisely because of this: having fallen off the leash, they run away from the owner, and then they cannot find their way home. And the owner cannot find his runaway friend. Why is this happening?

These are some of the most popular reasons why dogs run away.

The Dog is Bored

Usually, the escape, for this reason, does not occur during a walk, but when the dog is left alone in the courtyard of a country house. She becomes bored, lonely, and she goes for a walk. One. Therefore, if you live outside the city, do not leave your pet alone in the local area, otherwise, there is a risk, returning home, not finding it there, because even a fence will not stop a very purposeful dog.

Provide your dog with toys to keep him from getting bored, and play and walk with him often so that he saps energy with you, rather than alone while planning an escape.

The Dog is Looking for a Mate

Unsterilized animals have no control over their gender instincts. Therefore, so often females run away during estrus, and males – smelling the scent of a female nearby. Therefore, the best solution to this problem would be sterilization or castration.

The Dog is Scared

This often happens during fireworks or thunderstorms: loud noises in the street scare the dog, and if at this time it is with you for a walk, then do not be surprised that it wants to escape to some quiet place. To prevent such an escape, try not to walk with your pet when it is restless outside – it is better to wait out the noise at home, in safety.

The Dog Hunts

She saw a cat, a bird, a squirrel, or someone else who triggered her hunting instinct. And then everything is like a fog: you can call her, run after her, but if the dog is keen on the chase, then it has no time for the owner.

How to Stop Dog Escaping

Of course, first of all, you need to understand why the dog runs away, and eliminate this reason.

If you live in a house, then make sure that the fence around it can be overcome: neither jump over nor dig. And even if the fence is reliable, it is better, when no one is at home, to leave the dog alone on the territory, but to close it in the house.

If you do not plan on breeding puppies, neuter your pet to prevent escape from the heat.

Spend more time with your dog, walk with it longer, buy it more toys so that it doesn’t get boring and that it simply has neither the strength nor the desire to run away.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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