Why do female dogs move their puppies?

Introduction: Understanding maternal behavior in dogs

Maternal behavior is a natural instinct in female dogs that manifests shortly after they give birth. This behavior is primarily characterized by their desire to protect and care for their puppies. During this critical phase, female dogs are known to exhibit a range of behaviors aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of their offspring. Understanding these behaviors is crucial in helping dog owners create a conducive environment for the mother and her puppies.

What is puppy movement and why do female dogs do it?

Puppy movement refers to the act of a female dog moving her puppies from one location to another. This behavior is mostly observed during the first few weeks after birth when the mother is still adjusting to her new role. There are several reasons why female dogs move their puppies, including the need to find a safer and more comfortable environment. Moving the puppies may also be a way to protect them from predators or to ensure they get enough warmth and food. Ultimately, the goal of puppy movement is to provide the best possible conditions for the puppies’ growth and development.

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