Why do guinea pigs attack each other?

Introduction to Guinea Pig Behavior

Guinea pigs are social animals that are known for their playful and affectionate nature. They are kept as pets worldwide and are considered ideal pets for children due to their friendly temperament. However, like any other animal, guinea pigs can exhibit aggressive behavior towards each other, which can result in injuries or even death. It is important for pet owners to understand why guinea pigs attack each other and how to prevent and manage such behavior.

Understanding Aggression in Guinea Pigs

Aggression is a natural behavior in guinea pigs, and it can occur due to various reasons, including dominance, territorial behavior, social interaction, gender, age differences, and environmental factors. Aggression can be mild, such as teeth chattering and body posturing, or severe, such as biting and chasing. It is crucial to recognize the signs of aggression in guinea pigs to prevent and manage it effectively.

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