Why do mother rabbits chase and bite their babies?

Introduction: Understanding Rabbit Maternal Behavior

Rabbit mothers have a natural instinct to protect and care for their young. They exhibit various maternal behaviors, such as cleaning and warming their offspring, and nursing them for several weeks. However, in some cases, mother rabbits may display aggressive behavior towards their babies, such as chasing and biting. This behavior can be alarming for rabbit owners, but it has underlying reasons that can be addressed to prevent harm to the litter.

Mother Rabbit Instinct: Protecting Offspring

One of the main reasons why mother rabbits chase and bite their babies is to protect them from perceived threats. In the wild, rabbit mothers need to be vigilant about predators that may harm their young. Thus, in a domestic setting, they may exhibit the same behavior towards humans or other animals that they perceive as a danger to their litter. This protective instinct may manifest in chasing and nipping the babies, as a warning to stay close to the nest or to deter predators from approaching. Rabbit owners can minimize this behavior by providing a safe and secure environment for the litter, away from potential threats.

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