Why do owl’s produce pellets?

Introduction: Understanding Owl Pellets

If you have ever studied owls or gone on a nature walk, you may have come across owl pellets. Owl pellets are small, compact bundles of undigested bones, fur, and feathers that are regurgitated by owls. While this may seem like an unpleasant and strange behavior, there are actually many reasons why owls produce pellets.

Owl Digestion 101: How Owls Process Food

Owls are carnivorous birds that hunt and eat small prey like rodents, birds, and insects. When an owl swallows prey, it goes through a process of digestion that begins in the stomach. The prey is broken down by stomach acid and enzymes, and then the liquid portion of the prey is absorbed by the small intestine. However, the indigestible parts of the prey, like bones, fur, and feathers, cannot be broken down and pass through the digestive system intact. This is where the owl pellet comes in.

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