Why Do Pugs Smell So Bad?

The pug is a fairly clean breed of dog. They rarely emit any unpleasant odor. Sometimes, especially after a walk in the rain, a dog smell may appear from a pet, but it happens that the fetid odor does not come from the fur. In this case, pathological processes or disruption of the body can be assumed. You should be aware of such features of the pug and take action in time.


Why Does My Pug Smell So Bad?

Pugs have a special structure of the skull, due to which folds are formed on the muzzle. Food debris and small particles become clogged after eating and walking, begin to rot there, and give off a fetid odor. All this happens if the animal is not properly cared for.

Important! In order for your pet to feel good and not emit an unpleasant amber, you should carefully monitor its hygiene. It is assumed that food residues and small fractions of dirt should be removed by the owner using a sponge soaked in a special lotion.

Otherwise, these animals are very clean. If everything is good with health and teeth, then there will be no unpleasant odor from your pet. The coat can smell just like most dog breeds, especially if it gets wet. This also happens after bathing with dog shampoos.

Why Can an Unpleasant Odor Come From a Pug?

There can be many reasons for this “aroma”. Only an attentive owner, watching over the animal belonging to him, can determine the origin of the fetid odor. If the cause is not identified, you can seek help from your veterinarian. The specialist should help with the identification of the main symptoms and, if necessary, take tests.

Among the main causes of a foul-smelling smell from a dog are:

  • stuck food debris or fine dirt in the folds of the face;
  • improperly selected shampoo for hygiene procedures or the use of human cosmetics for the dog;
  • problems with teeth of a hereditary or acquired nature;
  • absorption of street smells by coat during a walk;
  • excessive production of wax in your pet’s ears;
  • allergic reactions;
  • problems with the digestive system;
  • hot weather.

In any case, only a doctor can identify the main cause of amber. If a “scent” appears, you should immediately contact an animal clinic.


Often the problem lies in the pathological processes occurring in the pet’s body. The digestive system and gastrointestinal tract often suffer from the unprecedented gluttony of the pug. Unbalanced nutrition and improper diet lead to allergic reactions and organ dysfunction. Subsequently, this results in an unpleasant smell from the pet.

Autoimmune processes, metabolic pathologies, various neoplasms can cause an unpleasant odor. We need competent diagnostics and quick help from a doctor. You should take tests and wait for the result in order to go for a consultation with an experienced doctor.

Lack of Hygiene

Pug fur is very susceptible to absorbing all foreign odors. For this reason, you need to bathe your pet about once a month and carry out preventive brushing every day. You should also wipe the folds on the face, wash your paws after each walk, comb the undercoat with a furminator during molting.

To wash your pet, you must use professional cosmetics. There are even special shampoos that eliminate the offensive odor. But it is not recommended to use human shampoos for a dog, it can lead to an increase in the “aroma”.

How to Properly Care for a Pug to Avoid Problems?

Experienced pug owners note that caring for stocky dogs is not too difficult. You need to regularly wash the folds on the dog’s face, clean his ears and wipe his eyes with a special lotion, as well as give cleaning sticks for his teeth or regularly remove tartar in the clinic.

It is also necessary to carry out hygienic washing of the paws after each visit to the street and wash the pet completely about once a month. In summer, animals sweat a lot, so in the summer months, the number of baths can be increased.

In general, pugs rarely start to stink, and such a sign rather indicates some kind of pathology. An experienced veterinarian will be able to tell you what to do in this case and how dangerous it is for your pet.

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