Why do rabbits have big teeth?

Introduction: Why do rabbits have big teeth?

Rabbits are known for their long, sharp teeth that can be seen when they open their mouths. Many people wonder why these herbivorous animals need such big teeth when they don’t eat meat. The truth is that rabbits’ teeth play an essential role in their survival, and their unique dental anatomy is perfectly adapted to their diet and lifestyle.

Anatomy of a rabbit’s teeth

Rabbits have a total of 28 teeth, which are arranged in a specific pattern in their jaws. Their front teeth, called incisors, are long and sharp, and are used for biting and cutting vegetation. Behind the incisors, rabbits have molars, which are flat and wide, and are used for grinding and chewing food. Unlike humans, rabbits’ teeth never stop growing, which is why they need to wear them down regularly by chewing on tough plant material. If a rabbit’s teeth become too long or misaligned, it can cause serious health problems that can even be life-threatening.

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