Why do sharks never get sick?


Introduction: Sharks and Their Health

Sharks are one of the most fascinating and mysterious creatures in the ocean, and their impressive health is another aspect that makes them stand out. Despite living in an environment full of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, sharks rarely get sick. This has piqued the interest of scientists, who have been studying sharks’ immune system, genes, skin, diet, and other factors that contribute to their overall health.

Sharks’ Immune System: Natural Defenses

One of the key reasons why sharks rarely get sick is their immune system, which is much more efficient than that of humans. Sharks have a unique type of white blood cells known as “leukocytes,” which can recognize and attack foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Moreover, sharks have a high level of “natural antibodies,” which are produced without prior exposure to a pathogen. This means that sharks are capable of fighting off a wide range of diseases without needing to develop specific antibodies, as we do with vaccines. Additionally, sharks’ immune system is able to detect and eliminate abnormal cells, preventing the development of tumors and cancers.

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