Why do some Chinese people consume snakes and rats?

Introduction: The Chinese Diet

China has a rich culinary history, with a diverse range of dishes and ingredients that have been consumed for thousands of years. Chinese cuisine is known for its emphasis on balance, variety, and harmony, with a focus on using fresh, local ingredients and preparing them in ways that enhance their natural flavors. However, there are also certain foods that may seem unusual or even taboo to Westerners, such as snakes and rats.

Historical Roots of Eating Snakes and Rats

The consumption of snakes and rats has a long history in Chinese culture, dating back to ancient times. In many parts of China, snakes and rats were once considered to be valuable sources of protein and medicine, and were therefore eaten as a way to improve health and vitality. For example, in traditional Chinese medicine, snake meat is believed to have cooling properties and is often used to treat fever and inflammation, while rat meat is thought to be warming and is prescribed for conditions such as colds and joint pain. Additionally, both snakes and rats have been used in Chinese folk remedies for various ailments, such as snake bile being used to treat eye infections and rat urine being used to relieve toothache.

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