Why do they cut off shark fins?

Introduction: The Shark Finning Industry

Shark finning refers to the practice of cutting off a shark’s fins and discarding the rest of the body back into the ocean. This practice is driven by the demand for shark fins in the global trade market. Shark fins are used to make shark fin soup, a delicacy in traditional Asian cuisine. The demand for shark fins has led to the growth of a multi-billion dollar industry, with many countries participating in shark finning.

Shark finning is a cruel practice that can cause immense suffering to the sharks. Sharks are often caught alive and their fins are removed while they are still conscious. The sharks are then thrown back into the water where they are unable to swim or survive. This practice has contributed to the decline of shark populations worldwide, with many species now endangered or critically endangered.

Profit over Conservation: The Motivation behind Shark Finning

The demand for shark fins and the high prices they can fetch in the global trade market are the main motivators behind shark finning. The high demand for shark fins has led to overfishing of shark populations, with some species declining by as much as 90% in the past few decades. The decline in shark populations has serious ecological consequences, as sharks play an important role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems.

The profitability of the shark finning industry has led to a lack of concern for conservation efforts. Many countries participate in unregulated and illegal fishing practices, which has contributed to the decline of shark populations. The lack of concern for conservation efforts has led to the need for international action to protect sharks and their ecosystems.

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