Why do witches carry black cats on brooms?

Introduction: The Mysterious Connection of Witches and Black Cats

Witches and black cats have been closely associated with each other for centuries, creating an intriguing and mysterious connection that has endured to this day. From fairy tales to Halloween decorations, the image of a witch riding on a broomstick with a black cat by her side is a popular and iconic representation of witches in popular culture. But where did this association come from, and what is the significance of black cats in witchcraft?

The Origins of the Witch and Black Cat Combo: Ancient Beliefs

The link between witches and black cats can be traced back to ancient beliefs about cats and their supposed supernatural powers. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as sacred animals and were believed to possess mystical abilities that could protect their owners and ward off evil spirits. Similarly, in ancient Greece and Rome, cats were associated with the goddesses of the hunt and the moon, and were believed to have powers of divination and prophecy.

These beliefs were carried forward into medieval Europe, where cats were often seen as companions and protectors of witches. In fact, it was believed that witches could transform themselves into cats, and that black cats in particular were the preferred form for witches to take. This association between black cats and witches was further reinforced during the witch hunt era, when black cats became associated with evil and were often killed alongside their owners.

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