Why Does My Dog Eat Sticks and Is It Safe?

Many dog owners are accustomed to playing with their pets outside by throwing a stick at them. But have you ever wondered why dogs enjoy playing with sticks and chewing them so much? And is such a “toy” safe at all?

Why Do Dogs Like to Chew Sticks?

It is known that many dogs are drawn to sticks like a magnet: they play with them, bring them to their owner, and even carry them with them. But in fact, not all dogs pay attention to sticks, there are those who are indifferent to them – everything is very individual here.

Dogs who like to play with sticks may like the taste, smell, and texture. Puppies start playing with sticks because their teeth are teething and they just need to chew on something. And later they get used to this toy, as it can always be found on the street during a walk.

Sometimes your pet chews on a stick due to lack of nutrients – but this happens less often.

Why Do Dogs Eat Sticks and Wood: Is It Safe?

Unfortunately, these games do not always end well for the pet. Sometimes dogs injure their mouth with sticks – sometimes they even break their teeth or tear their mouths. In addition, playing with sticks can cause stomach upset and, as a result, vomiting or diarrhea. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on your dog when he starts chewing on a stick.

And it is better to always take toys with you for a walk with the dog in order to distract from the stick in time. Also, doctors advise buying special chewing toys for your pet that do not injure the dog and at the same time help her to fulfill the chewing need. This is especially true for puppies who try everything on the tooth.

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