Why don’t birds get electrocuted when perching on power lines?


Introduction: Exploring the Mystery of Birds on Power Lines

Have you ever wondered how birds can perch on power lines without getting electrocuted? It’s a mystery that has puzzled many people, especially considering the high voltage of electricity that flows through these lines. It seems like a recipe for disaster, yet birds seem to have no problem sitting comfortably on these wires. In this article, we will explore the science behind this phenomenon and explain why birds are able to survive on the power lines unscathed.

How Electricity Flows Through Power Lines

Before we can understand why birds can perch on power lines without getting electrocuted, we need to understand how electricity flows through these wires. Power lines are made up of conductive materials, such as copper, and they are designed to carry high voltage electricity from power plants to homes and businesses. When electricity flows through these wires, it creates an electric field around them. This electric field is what can be dangerous if someone comes into contact with the wires. When a human or animal touches a power line, they become part of the electric circuit, and the current flows through them, causing electrocution. However, birds seem to be immune to this danger.

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