Why Rodents Constantly Need Solid Food

We know perfectly well who the rodents are. Many have cute rabbits, sly rats, or cute hamsters in their house. And of course, they are given all the best and most delicious – the most delicate leaves and grass, delicious fruits and vegetables. Everything is so soft and tender because they are so small and cute. And as a result, domestic rodents get huge problems …

The fact is that their teeth are constantly growing. Moreover, the growth rate can reach 0.8 mm per day, which is recorded in beavers. In this case, the outer side of the tooth is covered with enamel, and the inner side is covered with dentin. Thus, the teeth of rodents have the opportunity to sharpen in the process of feeding. But there is one small nuance – millennia of evolution prepared these animals for gnawing hard, stubborn food, and that is why they needed sharp strong teeth.

If you do not give them solid food, then such horrors are obtained. This rabbit is only five months old, the basis of the diet was grass …

And this rabbit was fed by caring owners with lettuce and cabbage.

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