15 Amazing Facts About Bichon Frise Dogs You Might Not Know

The Bichon Frize is a lovable little dog that stands confidently among the great “personality dogs” in the world. With his black eyes and fluffy white coat, the Bichon Frize looks almost like a child’s toy. Since ancient times, these irresistible dogs have relied on charm, beauty, and intelligence to withstand ups and downs.

#1 The exact origin of the breed is unknown.

#2 It is widely believed that the Bichon is descended from the Barbet breed, and that the word “Bichon” is derived from “Barbichon”, a diminutive of the word “Barbet”.

#3 The earliest records of the Bichon Frize breed date back to the 14th century, when French sailors brought the dogs home from Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands.

It is believed that the Bichon Frize dogs were brought there by traders who used the Phoenician trade route and that the Bichon Frize was originally bred in Italy.

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