Owl Spirit Animal: Symbolic Meaning

The owl is an ambivalent symbol. It is a bird of wisdom, but also of darkness and death. As an attribute of the goddess Athena, the owl symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Owls have the ability to see at night, see everything around them, without moving from place, but only by turning their head, they have a wise and penetrating look. Silent night flight, glowing eyes, and eerie screams influenced the fact that the owl was associated with death and occult forces. It was considered the bird of death in Ancient Egypt, India, Central, and North America, China, and Japan. Like a night bird, an owl is a symbol of sadness, nostalgia, and loneliness. In addition, she personifies devastation and misfortune, darkness, night, rain. In many traditions, owls pose a threat, prophesy trouble. Witches, sorcerers, evil spirits can turn into owls. She was credited with the gift of prophecy, possibly due to her ability to see in the dark.

The owl was once a symbol of the ability not to feel fear of the dark, that is, to know the secrets usually hidden for mortals. But over time, in late antiquity and in the Middle Ages, superstition gave the owl a demonic meaning. Today it is the emblem of discernment and bookish erudition.

Owl in Christian Culture

They were ambiguous about the owl in Christianity:

The first Christians associated it with Christ’s enlightenment and theology.

She was endowed with sensitivity, the ability to think and philosophize, the ability to keep secrets, knowledge in medicine.

After the second century AD, completely different meanings were attributed; she was considered a symbol:

  • Satan luring people into the net.
  • Loneliness and reclusion.
  • Ignorance and disbelief.
  • Prophecy, omniscience, and foresight.
  • Night, death, and darkness.
  • A witch who brings trouble.
  • Sadness, despondency, and misery.
  • Witchcraft and sorcery.

A different attitude towards the bird is associated with its nocturnal lifestyle, completely silent flight, the ability to turn its head around its axis.

With burning big yellow eyes, a completely motionless and soundless daytime existence.

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, the owl was an ordinary bird. Together with other birds and animals, she rejoiced in the sun, light and even sang beautiful songs, just like the nightingale. But once, in one rainy spring, when heavy clouds constantly hid the sunny sky, a sad story happened, which is the story of this tale.

It rained all day, and the Owl hid from him in the hollow of an old, spreading oak tree. It was dark and damp, drops of rain beat monotonously on the leaves of the trees, and she quietly fell asleep. She woke up only at night, from the fact that a silvery dim light was streaming into the hole in the hollow. The owl looked out and saw that the rain was over, and a huge full moon was shining in the sky, its pale light fell on the night forest, and the raindrops frozen on the leaves catch its reflections and light up with small silvery fireflies. The moon was so beautiful and mysterious, and it seemed to Owl that she was directing her silvery rays towards her and smiling sadly. Millions of small stars shone and shimmered everywhere, it seemed that thousands of light diamonds and emeralds were playing in the silver rays, and the large disk of the Moon floated regally above them. The impression was that a barely audible slow melody sounds in the night forest.

Throughout the night, the Owl admired the heavenly body, watched with bated breath for her smooth movement across the sky, and the closer the moon descended to the edge of the sky, the sadder the bird enchanted by her became, the heart ached from incomprehensible sadness. Already the Moon touches the edge of the horizon, turning pale more and more when the pre-dawn sky becomes brighter … Gradually, the Morning comes into its legal rights. Great grief-struck Owl. She fell off a branch, screamed sadly, flapped her wings, and flew higher and higher in order to enjoy the vision disappearing in the dawn for the last moments, and now the time has come when the longed-for mirage disappeared altogether. In deep sadness, the Owl returned to its tree and hid in a hollow, not looking back at the sky, treacherously abandoned by the night queen. The Owl remained all day in its hollow and did not see how the first pink rays of the rising sun shone in the east, how it rises, illuminates and warms the forest and its inhabitants, awakens them to life in a new day;

But Owl did not even think about the Sun. As if enchanted, she met the moon every evening, and all night long she admired the movement of the silvery luminary across the firmament, longingly awaiting its disappearance beyond the horizon. And when the moon was hiding, the grieved bird with a deep longing in its soul hid in its dark hollow. She did not want to see a new day, admire the sun, and enjoy the warmth. The Owl looks forward to when the evening comes, and she can meet the sunrise of her beloved star.

But Luna doesn’t want to be Owl’s idol at all. Once, looking sadly at the owl from the sky, they quietly said:

– Owl-owl, sick head! What have you, Owl, forgot about the Sun? Why are you looking at me all night, looked through all the eyes so that they became round and large? Come to your senses, unfortunate! After all, I do not have my own light, I only reflect the one with which the great Sun shines for me!

But Owl did not understand the words spoken by Luna. She came to an indescribable delight that the moon was talking to her and from excitement did not understand the meaning of the words spoken by the moon, but could only look at the moon with adoration.

From that night on, the Moon began to fade away. If earlier she was always full, round, and light, now, having pity on Owl, she decided to retreat into the shadows, in order to show at least by this that she is not the main one in the sky, she, in comparison with the Sun, is small and dark. But Owl did not understand this either. Every night, with increasing horror, she watched the waning of the moon. When, one night, not finding the moon in the sky at all, she fell into such despair that she sobbed all night long, and from that time on, she completely lost her voice and could no longer sing her beautiful songs. Seeing such great grief, the Moon rose to the sky again, but since that time it rarely shows its true beauty, rarely illuminates the night forest with its rays, because the Moon does not want to be an idol, tries to remind that it is not worth forgetting about the Sun for her sake, because only it gives both warmth and light.

How to Make Such a Talisman for Yourself

In principle, as already mentioned, an owl can be a talisman in any guise, from an image applied to a canvas and ending with a figurine. But, nevertheless, practicing magicians say that the ideal option would be a jewel or adornment in the form of the Night Princess. You should not portray the symbolism as entertainment, all the more you should not buy clothes on which a print with an owl is made in a cartoon or humorous style. This bird does not tolerate neglect and has a negative attitude to the manifestation of liberties in its direction.

If you have a desire to acquire an owl as an assistant or a talisman-amulet, order a pendant from gold or silver to the master. You can just put a bird figurine carved out of wood on the table. Many magicians have in their arsenal of witchcraft accessories a figurine of the Night Princess, carved from a solid stone. Some sources claim that such an amulet is capable of accumulating the required energy for years and giving up its entire supply during the ritual of charging a certain thing, photograph, or accessory.

Owl in Our Time – Owl Spiritual Meaning

Today, the old, magical image of an owl is only used by fantasy novelists. The significance of this bird as the patroness of knowledge and teachings has become widespread. No wonder the connoisseurs from “What? Where? When?” chose her as the mascot of their popular game show. Often, eminent universities choose an owl as their symbol. Her image in the traditional rectangular “Oxford cap” has become a textbook.

Well, what does the owl symbolize in the house today? The universal passion for feng shui has spread its significance as a talisman against unreasonable decisions and waste of money. Often, an owl figurine is placed on the so-called money tree. According to the Chinese, this amulet in the house is directly related to well-being, a positive moral climate, and happiness.

Aside from otherworldly symbolism, what is the meaning of an owl that has settled in the attic of your house? For a city dweller, such a neighborhood is extremely unlikely, because it is very problematic for an owl to find food in a modern city. But residents of rural areas should not be afraid of such a neighborhood, here, on the contrary, they even need to rejoice. The owl, although a predator, is nocturnal, so it will not be able to damage domestic animals. And that there will be fewer rodents spoiling the beds on your site – it’s clear, and you don’t need to go to a fortune-teller!

Owls are the most mysterious and enigmatic birds. Since ancient times, they have played a significant role in human culture and beliefs. So, in France, in one of the caves, there is an image that dates back to the Early Paleolithic. Rock paintings were found in different parts of the Earth – America, Australia, Europe. The ancient Maya revered the owl as a symbol of power, it is found in the bas-relief of ancient rulers.

The glow in the owl’s eyes symbolizes the light of the soul. She is credited with the ability to protect and increase the wealth of the family. Its wisdom is that it will warn wasteful people of unnecessary spending.

Owl Spirit Animal Meaning

Symbol of Wisdom

It is believed that an owl sitting on a money tree brings monetary wealth. This statuette contains two whole symbols that bring money into the house. The money tree brings prosperity by itself, but it must be protected from sidelong glances and bad thoughts, the bird takes on such a protective function.

An owl or eagle owl holding an open book is a symbol of wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge. Such a figurine simply needs to be placed in the children’s room. She will help her with her presence in studies and comprehension of new knowledge. In a family where there are schoolchildren or students, the owl statuette must be on the desk, or at least insight, for example, on a bookshelf. The owl is a symbol of knowledge. No wonder it is the emblem of the most intellectual and popular game “What?” “Where?” “When?”.

The Owl Brings Money to the House

One of the meanings that people attach to the amulet in the form of an owl figurine, placing it in their home, is attracting money to the house. It is believed that an owl should be placed where money is kept so that it is spent rationally, and wealth always exceeds expenses.

Coin with an owl was in circulation in Ancient Greece.

A very popular financial amulet for the home is an owl sitting on a money tree. This figurine represents two symbols – a money tree, which brings wealth, and an owl, which protects wealth from bad looks and careless thoughts.

In the Slavic tradition, the owl was revered as the keeper of treasures and underground wealth.

You can place an owl next to a money toad, which squeezes a coin in its mouth, in this case, both talismans will interact with each other and bring prosperity to the house.

For children to learn how to spend money rationally, an owl figurine should also be placed in their room.

Feng Shui symbols depicting an owl are recommended to be placed in the northeastern part of the room or on a desk. To enhance the talisman, you can put three owls side by side. The triad of owls will protect the house from evil and protect its inhabitants.

Three owls, placed side by side, protect the house from misfortune.

The white snowy owl cares about family life, so it is better to place figures or images of a white owl where all family members gather – in the living room or bedroom. An owl is able to accumulate positive or negative energy that surrounds it, and then give it to its owners. Therefore, you need to put an owl in the center of the house, where it is always crowded. And you should not quarrel in front of an owl, because all the negativity that the bird “absorbs” it will return again. For the same reason, you cannot put an owl in empty and cold corners.

The talisman has a beneficial effect, being placed in the office, especially if they work with money or make decisions regarding their spending or receiving.

Placing an owl on the desktop helps to increase earnings. A figurine of a white or transparent owl with spread wings is a talisman of career growth, therefore, to achieve success, it is placed in the office.

The Meaning of an Owl in Feng Shui

  • For some, it is a constant symbol of wisdom and protection, which owls are also endowed with.
  • Others see in the glow of owl’s eyes the light of the human soul, opposing the darkness.
  • Still, others are ready to take her as an assistant to stabilize the financial condition, being sure that she helps the especially wasteful to protect themselves from unwanted and unreasonable costs.
  • There are also skeptics who are sure that the meaning of a bird in Feng Shui is associated only with unfavorable signs and is associated with death and loneliness, werewolves, and witchcraft.

However, in many homes, the owl is treated favorably and they hold the figurine, considering it a good talisman. Usually, you can find figurines made of glass, porcelain, ceramics, and metal.

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