Celebrating National Pet Week: Your Guide to a Pet-Centric Website

Do you want to incorporate a National Pet Week design into your existing pet-centric website? Well, then, it’s a good idea to make a few changes to your web pages, especially the homepage. 

The American Veterinary Medical Association introduced the National Pet Week concept in 1981. Every year, veterinarians, pet parents, and activists celebrate it in the first week of May. This week is dedicated to animal welfare and health. As a pet-centric business, you must use this week to show your support for the cause. 

During National Pet Week, your business should celebrate the essence of bonding and companionship. One way of doing that is to revamp your website. In this blog, we will discuss ways to incorporate National Pet Week into your website and ways to celebrate. 

How to Incorporate National Pet Week Vibes Into Your Website?

You have already found a domain and web hosting service for your website. After that, website builders helped you create a pet-centric website for your business. However, your website-building efforts are far from over. 

You should change your website design to accommodate pet celebration days and special events. Changing your website based on these events allows you to reach more audiences, deliver a positive message, and market promotions.

As a pet-centric business owner, your website should resonate with a National Pet Week vibe every May. The following tips will help you with that. 

#1. Change the Theme Using Templates 

No, you do not have to hire another website design expert. Instead, a National Pet Week website template would work. These pre-designed page layouts will help simplify revamping your pet-centric website. You will find National Pet Week-themed predesigned elements and personalized images. 

According to GLASS, website templates provide business owners with customizable elements and integrated features. Moreover, you can tailor it to match your brand image, fonts, color palette, and logo. The entire website will have a new look that passes the National Pet Week vibe check. 

Remember to revamp the content on your homepage to match the Pet Week vibe. However, that is unnecessary for the ones on other web pages. 

#2. Upload Blogs About National Pet Week 

Another way to celebrate National Pet Week is by uploading two to three pet-related blogs daily. You can write about senior pet care or mental health. Themed blog posts during special days will spread awareness and showcase your brand personality. 

As a result, they can drive more web traffic and promote your brand’s offerings. However, never focus on selling your services or products in these blogs. Instead, make the blog posts engaging and informative for your pet-centric audience. 

Remember to research keywords for National Pet Week before writing the content. Provide the content writer with a list of these trending keywords. They will use them naturally in the blogs to enhance discoverability. 

You can also promote these blogs on social media using trending hashtags. Moreover, the content should be fluid, pet-centric, and conversational. You must prepare a content marketing calendar for that week. 

4 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Week as a Pet-Centric Business

Marketers believe that you should revamp your website every two to three years. Websites like The Dodo and Petfinder are great examples. These companies are known for changing their website designs to celebrate special events. 

Would you like to know how to celebrate National Pet Week after revamping the website? Take a look at these five tips: 

  1. Throw an online party where your customers can upload pictures of their pets on social media with a common hashtag
  2. Partner with other pet-centric businesses to come up with events and fun activities in your locality
  3. Rethink and get personal with packaging design for a week if you are an eCommerce business owner
  4. Have promotional events or discounts during the week and send emails to your customers about that 

Furthermore, you should focus on the concept of National Pet Week in everything you post or do during that week. For example, every Instagram post during that week should have a celebratory feel. 

You can host fun or informative events to support pet parents throughout the week. For example, you can make your customers aware of their pet’s needs during the animal’s senior years

You must plan and become comfortable with changing your website theme. Remember to emphasize your brand personality as you use the Pet Week template. Moreover, the blogs you write should ooze passion and actionable content. 

The Bottom Line

As a pet-centric business, you must focus on special events like National Pet Week. Ensure to post informative blogs once you change your website to a different theme. It will help you gain website traffic and build a lasting clientele. Moreover, your existing clients would appreciate your brand’s involvement in these special events. 

Adding a new theme or template does not mean making your website from scratch. You still get to keep the original content. Therefore, the only difference would be the mention of National Pet Week for seven days. After that, you can revert to your old website design. 

Judy Taylor

Written by Judy Taylor

Judy Taylor combines her love of science and writing to educate pet owners. Her articles on pet wellness, published on a variety of platforms, reveal a deep passion for animals. With a teaching background and shelter volunteer experience, Judy brings expertise to the fields of writing and compassionate pet care.

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