15 Breed Reviews: Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is an affectionate good-natured dog, but not a “dog of one owner.” Compliance and devotion (and, if desired, a person and playfulness) are combined in an adult dog with an image that commands respect.

Is it true that malamute is half wolf?

Not. They are very similar to wolves, and therefore they are often filmed in films to portray wolves. But otherwise, this is exactly the same dog like everyone else.

How does the malamute feel in the summer heat?

The dog must have access to water and a place in the shade at all times. In this case, the malamute tolerates heat well. Malamutes tend to shed heavily in time for summer, which helps them cope with the heat better. Remember not to expose your dog to physical activity during the heat. Only practice with the Malamute in the early morning or after sunset.

Do Malamutes eat a lot?

The impressive size of the Malamute can be misleading, it begins to seem that such a dog is difficult to feed, but it is not. Most Malamutes love to eat, but they eat surprisingly little for their size. The actual amount of food will depend on how much energy the dog is using and the type of food. An adult working dog should be fed approximately four glasses of food a day. Puppies require less but more frequent feedings.

Are the Malamutes pulling the sled very fast?

Malamutes are very strong dogs, but in long-distance racing, they are inferior to Siberian huskies. Malamutes are frequent participants in weight pulling competitions. Malamutes can move over a thousand pounds (about 400 kg).

How much does a malamute shed?

The Alaskan Malamute is a dog with a well-developed undercoat. They molt twice a year. At this time, they need to be combed out more often. In very warm climates, the Malamute may lose a little coat throughout the year.

Do Malamutes love to fight other dogs?

Malamutes’ strong character obliges them to dominate other dogs, so they can be aggressive towards their relatives. The owner needs to introduce the puppy into the “dog society” as early as possible, preventing any attempts of the pet to make “showdowns”.

How do malamutes relate to children?

Malamutes are very friendly towards people, therefore they are considered excellent family dogs. Malamutes love to communicate with children, they are also very patient by nature and can forgive the child for various pranks, but still, they should be controlled – the Malamute is a rather large and strong dog.

I’ve heard that malamutes are stupid. Is it true?

Not! People often think that learning difficulties for Malamutes are a sign of stupidity. Malamutes are very intelligent, but they can be very stubborn if they get bored with classes. The dog can become obstinate with repeated repetition of the same command. Malamutes easily learn new skills and will gladly follow the command of the owner once or twice, but soon they will get bored with the learning process (this character trait is characteristic of many northern breeds).

#1 “Alaskan Malamute” – The shape of a wolf, human intelligence and a loving heart.

#2 Beautiful and impressive appearance

#3 Beautiful, intelligent, easy to learn, gets along well with children, not aggressive, companion dog.

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