15 Facts About Raising and Training Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

In the group of Swiss shepherd mountain dogs, this one is the largest (the height of the male reaches 72 cm, weight – up to 60 kg). Gross has a balanced character. They are friendly towards others if they do not feel danger. A well-bred dog gets along with cats, dogs, and other domestic animals. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog lends itself well to training, suitable for beginner dog breeders for self-training. It is a good companion for the whole family and a keeper of the owner’s property.

#1 The Swiss are smart dogs, well-receptive to training and capable of doing the same thing for a long time.

#2 They are attentive, rarely distracted. The most important thing in upbringing is the beginning.

#3 Raising a Mountain Dog is required from the first days of his arrival at a new home.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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