15 Realities That New Bichon Frise Owners Must Accept

Bichons are active dogs, but due to their small size, they do not require a lot of play space and are suitable for keeping in an apartment. It is believed that Bichons are not prone to barking, which is a great advantage for city dwellers, but you should not rely on them to guard your home.

Bichon hair care takes a lot of time. They need grooming, bathing, and haircuts on a regular basis. Bichons are one of the few breeds that are recommended for people with allergies who want to get a dog, but this recommendation should be taken with caution. For some people with mild allergies, keeping a Bichon may be less problematic than keeping another breed, but this is not guaranteed. Check with your allergist and spend plenty of time with adult Bichons before deciding to get this dog.

#1 She loves her concrete jungle 🗽🏙

#2 Very sweet dream

#3 Waiting for treats

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