16 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have a Great Dane

Despite their large size, Great Dane is considered kind, moderately playful giants who get along well with children. However, owners should be prepared to accommodate such a large dog and the cost of food. Great Dane is considered kind, moderately playful and affectionate giants who get along well with children. They guard their home and usually get along well with other animals, especially if raised together, but some of them can be aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs. Great Danes are believed to be very trainable, but breed enthusiasts say some dogs can be stubborn. Great Dane is a dog widely known all over the world, not only for its impressive size and appearance, which cannot be confused but also due to its soft, kind disposition. The name of the dog Great Dane is now generally accepted, although, in the Middle Ages, the name Danish dog and others were used. Browse the list below and find your typical Great Dane here.

#1 They make friends with children.

#2 They are also called “gentle giants” and the “king of dogs”.?

#3 They are very curious and must know with whom you are walking outside.

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