37+ Pun Pug Names

Unique Pugs deserve a unique name. Many of the names reflect the charming appearance or cheerful temperament of the animals. Some owners simply speak the word and observe the dog’s reaction. If the pet reacts to the spoken word, then it is given this favorite name.

If you’re looking for funny names for your puppy, then be sure to check out the pun Pug names list.

Top 30 Pun Pug Names

  • Indiana Bones
  • Kanye Westie
  • Nine Inch Tails
  • Hairy Paw-ter
  • Lick Jagger
  • Helga Hufflepup
  • Bark Obama
  • Arfer Fonzarelli
  • Hairy Underwood
  • Fuzz Aldrin
  • Jude Paw
  • Heel Armstrong
  • Helga Hufflepup
  • Karl Barx
  • Bone Pugs-N-Harmony
  • Alanis Morissetter
  • Rowena Ravenpaw
  • Jon Bone Jovi
  • Jimmy Chew
  • Kanye Westie
  • Woofgang Puck
  • Ozzy Pawsborne
  • Snarls Barkley
  • Bark Twain
  • Winston Furchill
  • Christina Waguilera
  • Lick Jagger
  • Salvador Dogi
  • Droolius Caesar
  • Mutt Damon

Good Pun Pug Names for Boys & Girls

  • Muttley Crew
  • Woof Bader Ginsburg
  • Colin Howl
  • Andy Warhowl
  • The Notorious D.O.G.
  • L.L. Drool J
  • Arf Vader
  • Woof Blitzer
  • Rosa Barks
  • Andy Warhowl
  • Vera Fang
  • Olivia Chewton John

If you have not found your pet’s name here, write in the comments, and we will be happy to include it in the list!

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