The 14 Cutest Goldendoodles Currently Online

Thanks to the quick wits and intelligence of Poodles and Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles are also easy to train. This breed is very attached to people and other pets. Golden doodles are human-oriented and strive to please the owner. Many members of this breed are calm and quiet dogs, but at the same time, they are active and need exercise and stress. One of the best family dogs and also very good at getting along with children.

#1 If the breeder really cares about the quality of the breed, the Goldendoodle will end up soft and fluffy, regardless of whether it is about his appearance or his character.

#2 They are very intelligent, friendly towards strangers and other pets, and they really enjoy communicating with their owner or his family.

#3 Until now, not a single case is known that Goldendoodle has bitten someone.

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