14 Pics That Show Cani Corsi Are The Best Dogs

Cane Corso is highly valued not only at home, in Italy, but also in other countries. He is said to combine a devilish appearance and an angelic disposition. Corso is a loyal friend and companion, a tireless protector of home and family, who possesses outstanding intellect and a balanced temperament.

#1 They look harsh, they can even inspire fear, but in fact they become true friends for their masters and remain them throughout their lives.

#2 In the character of the dogs, the dedication of shepherds and the courage of fighting breeds are surprisingly intertwined, and also the lively temperament of the Italians themselves is reflected.

#3 Cane Corso have sensitivity and intuition, they are ready to protect the owner and his family at any time and in any situation, which makes them unsurpassed guards.

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