15 Amazing Facts About Vizsla Dogs You Might Not Know

The Hungarian Vizsla, or Hungarian Pointing Dog, is a hunting breed popular not only for its excellent working qualities but also for its affectionate nature, which makes it an excellent companion. One of the characteristic features of this breed is that the vizsla is constantly next to the owner. This is due to the original purpose of the breed. Hungarian cops were bred as gun dogs, which, on the one hand, were able to point to the prey and bring it, and on the other hand, could constantly be near the hunter.

#1 Sometimes known as the Hungarian Pointer, the Vizsla probably descends from hunting dogs used by the Magyars, who settled Hungary more than a thousand years ago.

#2 The dogs were no doubt used by nobles and warlords to hunt game birds and hares.

#3 Images of the Vizsla’s past can be found in ancient art. A 10th-century etching shows a smooth-coated dog accompanying a Magyar huntsman.

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