15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Bichon Frise Dogs

Because of their benevolent nature and charm, French lapdogs are often attracted to pet therapy. Sweet snow-white lumps are frequent guests in children’s hospitals and nursing homes. In addition, these decorative dogs make reliable watchmen. Bichons Frize has a clear voice, which they use every time an unfamiliar creature appears on the doorstep of the apartment.

#1 Bichon Frize is a miniature dog with an unusual appearance, thick curly snow-white hair that even hides its claws, belonging to the group of French lapdogs, bred back in the Middle Ages, as scientists, in Spain.

#2 This dog is ideal for living in an apartment, it is really small in size – only up to thirty centimeters.

#3 This white fluffy ball gets along well with children and will become a great family friend.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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