15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Wire Fox Terriers

#10 King Edward VII ruled England from 1901 to 1910. For almost the entirety of his reign, he owned a fox terrier named Caesar, who was the king’s beloved companion. When King Edward died in 1910, Caesar dutifully led his master’s funeral procession.

#11 For some time after that, Caesar was visibly depressed and refused to eat. Queen Alexandra eventually helped restore the dog’s health and happiness. Caesar died in 1914.

#12 One of the most iconic logos of all time is the famous dog-and-gramophone image that has adorned the products and advertisements of various related audio companies and record labels, most notably RCA.

The logo comes from a Francis Barraud painting called “His Master’s Voice.” The canine model for the original painting was a fox terrier named Nipper.

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