15 Realities That New Belgian Malinois Owners Must Accept

The Malinois breed is not suitable for novice owners, or those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. These dogs are extraordinarily cheerful, love to play, walk on the street to their fullest, and generally spend time as actively as possible. For many centuries of its existence, the Belgian Shepherd Dogs devotedly served people, and therefore the Malinois breed cannot spend time lying on the couch.

She does not even understand how it is possible in principle – to live in inactivity and be a happy animal. After all, the Malinois gets its “dog’s happiness” precisely inactivity, inactivity, and close interaction with loved ones. Of course, if you decide to get a dog of this breed, you are unlikely to use it for grazing sheep or cows.

#1 Loves the beach

#2 They have very cute ears.

#3 They are the best models

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