15 Things English Springer Spaniels Don’t Like

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog, measuring 45 to 50 cm in height and weighing 18 to 23 kg. This is a sturdy dog for its size with a rather small skeleton and large paws.

The English Springer Spaniel has the appearance of a classic “spaniel”: large and expressive eyes, a muzzle of medium length with a pronounced transition from the forehead, long ears with feathers, and a docked tail. The lips can belong, as a result of which salivation is sometimes observed. The dog is the tallest of the spaniels, with large enough paws to move quickly over uneven terrain.

The coat of the English Springer Spaniel is of medium length and may be smooth or wavy. More hair on the ears, feathering on the back of all four legs and on the chest. The most common colors are dark chestnut with white or black and white, but tricolor or ticking are some of the color options.

#2 They Don’t Like New Friends…

#3 They Don’t Really Enjoy Hanging Out With Their Owners…

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