16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Boxer Dogs

A boxer dog has a very friendly and inquisitive nature. She is entirely focused on her family and master, is smart, understanding, has a noble temperament, composure and great patience. This breed has a high level of energy, it is fidgets that need a variety of activities, including training, walks in nature, playing with other dogs and people.

A boxer dog has a low level of aggression, and rarely gets into quarrels with other dogs, or, moreover, with other people. This is possible since the pet will always protect its owners, but he will not rush to someone else’s dog for no reason without reason – such cases are extremely rare. One of the legendary qualities of a boxer is his attitude towards children and great patience in dealing with them. Even a small child who is not yet very good at behaving with a dog will not cause a negative reaction in this breed. If this happens, then this is an isolated case, an exception to the rule.

Do you like this breed? Then check out these reasons to get to know this breed.

#2 Although sometimes they’re so independent it’s scary

#3 They don`t like sport

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