16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Goldendoodles

The temperament, borrowed from the Golden Retrievers (Goldens), characterizes the Goldendoodles as a companion dog, as indicated by its playful, kind and inquisitive nature. Activity and sociability make this breed a central element in the home. This is evidenced by her desire for communication and attention.

Unfortunately, such good-naturedness of the Goldendoodles, as in the case of the Golden Retrievers, negatively affected the quality of the guard, making them unimportant “defenders of the house.” The patience of this breed knows no boundaries, therefore, in families with small children, it is a nanny dog, whose kindness will not allow to harm the child. This same quality allows her to coexist peacefully with other pets at home.

#1 They’re messy. Really messy

#2 They WON’T go on adventures with you

#3 They won`t play with you

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