Breed Review: Tibetan Terrier (15 Pics)

The Tibetan Terrier has a very long history dating back at least 2000 years. This is what the written records tell about, as well as legends passed down from generation to generation. In Tibet, these dogs are very fond and they are on a special account, they could not be sold and generally taken out of the country for many centuries, due to which the ideal purity of the breed was preserved.

#1 Throughout their long history, they performed a variety of functions, being watchmen, shepherds, faithful companions, and – talismans, because people in Tibet still believe that this dog brings good luck

In addition, the Tibetan Terrier helped people find objects lost in the mountains.

#2 The Western world saw these dogs thanks to a successful operation performed by Dr. Greig, an Englishman by birth.

He was presented with a female, and a little later he persuaded someone to sell him a male as well. After he took both of them to England, he created his own breeding program for these dogs in his homeland. We can say that almost all modern representatives of this breed, which you can see in Europe, America, England, and other countries, come from Dr. Greig's nursery.

#3 First they were given the name Lhasa Terrier (in 1924, when the first puppies were born)

however, the Kennel Club of India then changed the breed's name to Tibetan Terrier. Today these dogs are considered rare.

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