17 Cool Schnauzer Tattoos

The description of the Schnauzer breed is common to three species. They are distinguished by an elongated muzzle with a pronounced transition from the frontal part to the muzzle itself. The nose is rectangular. Black lips and dark eyes stand out through the fur on the overgrown muzzle. The ears are cropped or natural. In the first case – erect neat ears, in the second – half hanging. The body of the dog resembles a square. Paws are strong, small. The tail is docked. The coat is thick, coarse, straight, and long.

To give the dog a well-groomed appearance, the coat is trimmed on the hips, on the head, and in the lower part of the neck. With the help of a typewriter, a mustache, beard, eyebrows, or bangs are cut, the thighs are trimmed in the form of posts.

Standard Schnauzers show black or pepper and salt, dark mask. The presence of light spots is considered a deviation from the standard.

Would you like to have a tattoo with this dog?

#1 Little dog with a big heart

#2 Three friends

#3 Beautiful dog

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