17 Facts About Raising and Training Miniature Pinschers

This small copy of the Doberman from a stable guard and a rat hunter has long turned into a decorative dog but has not lost the peculiarities of the breed. Despite its small size, the pinscher is fearless, incorruptible, vigilant, and selflessly devoted to its owner. Therefore, at the heart of his correct upbringing is the teaching of useful skills, training.

#1 Puppy training should be started from the first days of the dog’s stay in your home.

#2 And we are talking, first of all, about the correct upbringing of a miniature pinscher puppy, and it will be possible to start training and learning commands when the puppy is completely comfortable in your house.

#3 As a rule, one week is sufficient. By this time, the puppy is already overflowing with curiosity and diligently learns the world around him.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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