18 Undeniable Truths Only Boxer Pup Parents Understand

These dogs are often loved for their character, intelligence, and dedication. They are quite affectionate and will gladly join you if you are lying on the sofa, preferring to be close to their owners whenever possible.

They are often distrustful of strangers unless they were socialized in early childhood. Otherwise, boxers will bark very loudly at visitors to your home.

Boxers remain emotionally immature for a long time, although their physical development usually stops at 18 months. This means that early learning may seem like talking to a deaf person, when in fact it is not. However, at one point your dog suddenly understands everything that you have been trying to teach him for a long time.

Although they get along well with other animals in the house they were raised with, they tend to chase cats and other small animals that are not part of their family.

#1 Good coordination

#2 Love nature

#3 Who let the tongue out

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