5+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Goldendoodle

The aspirations of breeders to breed such a breed of dogs, external data that would not differ much from the “parental” ones, but at the same quality and characteristics borrowed from the good-natured Golden Retrievers, were crowned with success. The bred Goldendoodle breed of dogs has borrowed all the positive qualities of its “ancestors” and has recently been gaining more and more popularity.


Thanks to the quick wits and intelligence of poodles and golden retrievers, Goldendoodles are also easy to train. This breed is very attached to people and other pets. Goldendoodles are human-oriented and strive to please the owner. Many members of this breed are calm and quiet dogs, but at the same time, they are active and need exercise and stress. They are one of the best family dogs and they are very good at getting along with children.

History of the breed

The appearance of Goldendoodles was the intention of breeders to breed such a breed, whose coat would not cause allergies, and the predisposition to genetic abnormalities and shedding would be minimized.

House or apartment?

The conditions for keeping pets off the Goldendoodle breed do not play a big role. But, it is worth considering that activity and energy in “cramped consequences” can bring unwanted messages, such as damaged wallpaper, furniture, interior items, and personal belongings of household members. Living in an apartment, the pet needs to set enough time for walking and active games outside the home.

Physical activity

You have a high need for physical activity, so this breed of dog requires more time for walking. The minimum allowable amount of time for such dogs to walk is 2 hours a day, 1 hour each in the morning and evening. For dogs living in large houses, there is no such need with the help of free walking, but frequent walking long distances will have a beneficial effect on the pet’s physical condition.

Training and education

This dog breed requires constant training and obedience lessons. By persuading the dog to execute commands or certain “tasks” in the game, it maintains the tonic system, increases intelligence and quick wits. Such a pet has good character and obedience.


It is important to maintain balance and moderation in keeping your pet neat. A dog, like an animal, does not need constant cleanliness and bathing. The desire to see a dog clean is a need for aesthetic pleasure for humans.


  • A dog of this breed is distinguished by high contact and friendliness.
  • its loyalty to the owners knows no bounds
  • patience for small children and other animals gives the breed a special quality – a nanny dog.


  • This is not a hunting dog at all but knows how to enjoy active games.
  • susceptibility to certain diseases
  • indiscipline, the manifestation of which can be minimized by active games, lessons of training, and obedience.
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Written by Alice White

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