50 Most Popular Female Boxer Names of 2019

Girls of the Boxer breed have a strong nervous system, docile nature, and excellent intellect. They are sociable: they are good at contact and adore attention, especially from the owners.

If you are looking for a name for your female dog of this breed, check out the list of the most popular names of 2019. And once you pick out your new puppy’s name, don’t forget to buy food, toys, and shampoo!

Female Boxer Puppy Names and Meanings

  • Bree – Upbeat
  • Willa – German origin meaning “protection”
  • Lexi – Defender of man
  • Gelta – the Icelandic word meaning “bark”
  • Duchess – The rank below the Queen
  • Zara – Arabic meaning “radiance”
  • Athena – The goddess of wisdom and war
  • Ellie – God is my light
  • Carly – Free and pleasant
  • Elexis – Defender of mankind
  • Cassie – Strong-willed
  • Bella – Italian for beautiful
  • Stella – Star
  • Vance – Latin for brave
  • Millie – Gentle strength
  • Eva – Living one
  • Freida – German name meaning “peaceful ruler”
  • Buffy – The nickname for Elizabeth
  • Ada – Noble and serine
  • Elsie – Scottish origin meaning “God of plenty”
  • Helga – German name meaning “blessed”
  • Godiva – a gift of God
  • Ayra – Noble goodness
  • Hera – Hera is the Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology
  • Ursa – Latin word for “bear”

Famous Female Boxer Names

  • Mia St John
  • Christina Hammer
  • Regina Halmich
  • Yesica Tuti Bopp
  • Natascha Ragosina
  • Jackie Frazer-Lyde
  • Katie Taylor
  • Giselle Salandy
  • Claressa Shields
  • Laila Ali
  • Marcela Acuna (La Tigresa)
  • Hagar Finer
  • Lucia Rijker
  • Christy Martin
  • Holly Holm
  • Ann Wolfe

Cool Female Boxer Puppy Names

  • Esmerelda
  • Poppy
  • Aspen
  • Dolores
  • Indigo
  • Mika
  • Alyssa
  • Elsa
  • Hannah

If you have not found your pet’s name here, write in the comments, and we will be happy to include it in the list! And once you pick out your new puppy’s name, don’t forget to buy food, toys, and shampoo!

Alice White

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