7+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is an Alpine dog breed, the largest of the breeds in its group.


The Swiss Mountain Dog character is balanced, friendly, and open. We can say that this is a big and strong kind-hearted person who adores children. But, do not flatter yourself – if it occurs to you to offend a child from the family of this large and strong dog, or to offend its owner, you will have a hard time. For his family, the great Swiss Mountain Dog will give his life, if necessary, since the instincts of the protector of this breed are extremely strong, and have roots that go back centuries.

They are very fond of various types of activity, walks, workouts, games, and thrive in the company of their loved ones when they feel that they have an important place in the life of their family. These dogs need to know that they are needed, they cannot just uselessly spend days lying on a soft pillow next to a bowl of food.

An ideal place to maintain a Swiss Mountain Dog – a private house with its own yard. Although the breed is highly active, it is nevertheless a large dog that also loves to spend time outdoors – that says it all. On the other hand, they can by no means be called hyperactive – rather, the periods of activity and rest alternate with each other, due to which the dog has a harmonious and full-fledged character.

Strangers are perceived with caution, but if they see the location of the owners, they act accordingly. They love to play with other dogs, cats are perceived normally if you teach them to be present from an early age. The Swiss Mountain Dog is perfect as a guard dog, as it is quite territorial and has a suitable disposition. Plus – instincts and intelligence.

In any case, the Swiss Mountain Dog is a great companion for everyone, young and old. He has a developed mind, and therefore lends itself well to learning and even needs it, as this will make his life more interesting and give food for the intellect.


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog needs to be brushed regularly, about once a week, and the animal should also be bathed once a week. Be sure to keep your ears and eyes clean after walking, and remember to trim your nails. The Swiss Mountain Dog has an excellent appetite and can eat almost anything. But it is better to make sure that the animal has the highest quality and correct food possible.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is not suitable for living in an apartment. Large dogs need plenty of space, fresh air, and regular exercise. A coat in good condition will help maintain regular brushing. Bathing it too often is not recommended. If there is contamination after a walk, then it should be removed with a rubber glove. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog must eat in a balanced manner. The owners should be very careful about the selection of the diet.


  • friendliness;
  • fidelity;
  • curiosity;
  • excellent learning ability;
  • calm, balanced temperament;
  • courage.


  • stubbornness, willfulness;
  • difficulty in making contact with strangers.
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Written by Alice White

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