Abyssinian Cat Personality and Behavior

Abyssinians: Ancient cats that lived 200 years ago in the territory of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and were the first ancestors of the Abyssinians. These cats could only be kept by the pharaohs and their family members because they were considered sacred animals.

Abyssinian cats are medium-sized shorthaired cats. They have a rich uniform color. Dark contoured, expressive, attentive eyes. Unusual color. Large ears, set as if listening attentively to something, give the Abyssinian a unique look of a cougar. Royal posture and special grace are inherent only in this breed.

Abyssinian hair has several stripes of different colors – ticking. Preferably triple, well-marked ticking in color. This color gives the coat iridescence without forming a pattern on the body. On the back of the cat, there is a darker shade, and the belly, chest, and inner surfaces of the paws are light – this type of color is often called zonal.

Height: males – 30-32cm, females – 26-28. Weight: from 4 kg to 7.5 kg.

The colors are varied: from the wild (black ticking on a warm reddish-brown background), sorrel – a bright apricot background with cinnamon ticking, blue – an apricot background with a gray-blue ticking, and ending with a fawn – a rich ivory background with a ticking of a beige-pink hue …

Their hair is close to the body, short, although it is thin but very thick.

The Abyssinians have well-developed muscles, strong, flexible. Female cats are smaller and more active than male cats.

The Abyssinians inherited royal grace and dignity from their ancient ancestors.

The Abyssinian show a keen interest in the world around them, They have an active life position, Perfectly balanced temperament. The Abyssinian cat is surprisingly harmonious in all respects. She is very smart, affectionate, playful, loves to learn the world around her, is graceful, and has her own dignity.

For a person, she will become a faithful and devoted friend, In all the affairs that you do not do, she will be next to you, taking part in what is happening. Isn’t this the perfect helper?

Cats of this breed require full attention to their person and respect, for this she will repay you with her love. Following her master everywhere and sincerely giving love to him, she is very similar in these qualities to dogs. The voice is very gentle and melodic.

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