American Pit Bull Terrier: Everything You Need to Know

For a long time, American pit bulls were bred for dogfighting.

The pit bull looks like a fighter – she has well-developed muscles, a wide chest, a large rough muzzle, a large neck, and strong jaws. The ancestor of the American Pit Bull is the Staffordshire Terrier.

For many years in the breeding of this breed, they raised love for a person, removed aggression. Today the pit bull is friendly, with a balanced character, intelligent, always ready to rush to the protection of the owner. While walking, try to let your pitbull run and play more so that he is not distracted by other dogs, especially fellow dogs. in any case, he will not refuse to enter into a fight with them.

American Pit Bull, not only a fighter but also an excellent hunter and guard. She fulfills all these qualities 100%.

You won’t find a better watchman and security guard than a pit bull. The American Pit Bull is a regular participant in various canine Olympiads. They serve in the police force. Lovely and affectionate nannies for kids, willingly play with them, not forgetting to guard them.

Despite all these qualities, mistrust in this breed remained: breeding is prohibited in Sweden, in England it is allowed to walk pit bulls only in a muzzle and mandatory sterilization of males.

The pit bull grows to a height of 46-56 cm, weighs about 16-27 kg.

Before choosing a puppy, carefully research the market and the offer. Visit shows, meet breeders to learn more about the breed. Weigh your pros and cons well. Will you be able to devote enough time, strength, energy, love to raising such a difficult dog?

Do not buy American Pit Bulls from the marketplace or advertisements from unknown breeders. Choose a reputable kennel where puppies are raised in good conditions and raised like their own children. Saving money is not for this breed. Titled and healthy parents with an adequate response to the world around them are already more than fifty percent of success.

Even before buying, you need to decide what gender you want your pet to be and why you start such a breed. If you need a family member and do not need to bother yourself in the future in exhibitions, then rely on your sympathy and intuition. If you want to win all the medals at shows, you need a puppy of a higher class, but it will also cost more. To do this, you will need the advice of an expert or a breeder.

Carefully assess the physical health of the puppy – he should have clean all mucous membranes, wet nose, shiny coat. the puppy must be playful, lively, and active.

American pit bulls rarely cause trouble for the owner due to illness.

Taking care of your pitbull will also not make you much trouble – their coat is short – clean it sometimes and bathe very rarely. Do not forget to only periodically clean your ears and eyes, trim your nails.

In order for an American Pit Bull to become a true friend, family member, loyal and affectionate, you need to be consistent and persistent. Raising a pit bull is not a toy at all.

Although the breeders claim that the Pit Bull is obedient and perfectly trained, you should not forget that you should not show aggression and rudeness towards this breed. Consistently and persistently achieve the execution of commands in training.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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