Breed Review: American Staffordshire Terrier (16 Pics)

#13 The Amstaff breed of dogs perfectly understands the situation, is distinguished by high intelligence, perfectly understands people and is aware of its responsibility if it is entrusted with the protection of the territory.

Although this breed does not have a tendency to bark at anything that moves within its sight and hearing, at the right time it will react as it should.

#14 These dogs are excellent protectors, and many owners train them specifically for such tasks, or they hire a professional trainer for such purposes.

They are categorically not suitable for keeping on a chain or in an aviary, they need contact with people.

#15 Needs walks and physical activity, a variety of active games.

She perceives children well, especially if they are children from her family. Then it will be the best protector, best friend, and the best nanny ever. In fact, you will be surprised how affectionate and kind this seemingly frightening fighting dog can be. But, if the owner is unfair, or cruel, the dog will express his resentment.

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