Breed Review: Irish Setter (18 Pics)

The photo of the Irish Red Setter shows his entire body. This dog is above average in size. She is a great friend, a faithful companion of man. She has great manners. There is so much energy in it that without running and playing, she will fall into depression.

You need to communicate with him. Great friends with all family members. The breed was bred to search for a game. The dog copes with this task perfectly, pointing to the right place.

True, today the Irish are given birth simply as a pet who loves to play with children.

The homeland of the dog in Ireland. They brought it here in the 18th century. Breeds such as the Water Setter, Terrier, Blundhoun, and Gordon Setter were taken for breeding. The animal quickly won the hearts of all hunters.

#1 The Irishman has a stable psyche. Warmth and sensitivity radiate directly from animals. They will not harm a person under any circumstances. Strangers are treated without suspicion.

#2 Dogs are incredibly active and energetic. They have unique intelligence. They are sensitive to everything that happens.

#3 They are the best nannies-friends for young children. They will never harm babies, even when they go beyond all the boundaries of mischief.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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