Breed Review: Irish Setter (18 Pics)

#10 Irish Red Setter colors can range from a bright red to an equally rich chestnut.

According to the standard, the presence of small areas of white wool near the fingers, on the chest, a muzzle is allowed. That's it, no more color deviations.

#11 The sizes of the Irish red setter vary: weight 25-35 kg, height at the withers in males 58-67 cm, bitches 55-62 cm. It is important to monitor that there is harmony between height and weight.

 There is a tubercle on the back of the head. The muzzle ends with the letter "P". The lips are lifted with pigment like on the nose. The teeth are dense, medium-sized. Scissor bite. The nose is mobile. The eyes are small, in the form of tonsils. The eyelids are dry.

#12 Watch your puppy. Fall in love with him from the very first minutes. But, be sure to calculate your time and energy, because this fidget will not let you sit quietly.

The ears are set low, wide (at the base of the cartilage, the bottom is soft, thin). The body is lean, long. The neck is of medium length and well-muscled. The withers are weak. The sternum is not very wide, the ribs are arched.

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