Do Goldendoodles Shed?

In most cases, Goldendoodles are bought by people who like Golden Retrievers but want a dog that sheds less or is hypoallergenic. Others suggest that the hybrid breed will be less prone to the cancer diseases that the Golden Retrievers suffer from.

The Goldendoodle can have two types of coat: shaggy and wavy or shaggy/wavy with loose curls. The coat is arranged in one layer. The Goldendoodle should not have a steeply curled coat as the purebred Poodle does or a smooth coat as the Golden Retriever does. Its coat can change about 10-15 times from the moment the Goldendoodle is born until one year old being an adult dog. It is only after the dog’s coat is fully formed that it begins to require some kind of care.

The first generation of the Goldendoodles has minimum shedding. This is not surprising, since the original goal in forming this breed was just to minimize shedding. Not all the Goldendoodles shed as little as the Poodles but they shed much less than the Golden Retrievers. The degree of shedding can vary from dog to dog. Grooming rules also differ depending on the type of coat.

Taking care of the Goldendoodle is quite easy. Like all other Poodle mixes, these dogs are recommended for people who have moderate allergies.

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