Feeding Your Dog: How To Feed a Boxer

It is worth deciding on the principles of feeding a boxer before the puppy comes to your permanent residence. Ask the breeder how your pet has eaten – and adhere to the same principles at first. All innovations must be implemented very carefully and gradually.

Boxer dogs have a delicate digestive system, so you will have to approach the issue of feeding a boxer responsibly.

If you prefer to feed your boxer with natural food, you need to make sure that it contains all the nutrients. Boxers are given meat and fish, eggs (raw yolk or boiled egg), cottage cheese. Meat is served raw, boiled, or semi-raw. Do not give pork! In a boiled bird or rabbit, all bones are carefully removed. The liver, spleen, and lungs can be given cooked. The fish is boiled.

You can give rice porridge, black bread croutons, dog biscuits.

Also, boxers are treated to finely chopped vegetables (but not those from which they puff).

Prohibited foods for a boxer:

  • potatoes,
  • legumes,
  • everything is sweet
  • salty,
  • fatty,
  • roast,
  • flour,
  • smoked,
  • waste from the table,
  • as well as stale or poor quality food.

Improper, unbalanced feeding of a boxer can cause allergies. Therefore, it is important to feed your dog specially prepared food or carefully selected dry food, which will be discussed below.

Take care of vitamin and mineral supplements (especially calcium, vitamin B), but first, consult your veterinarian.

An overdose of vitamins A, D, and phosphorus can be bad for your bones.

Some owners prefer to feed their pets with dry food. A good ready-made feed contains everything you need, it is convenient to store it and you do not need to spend time preparing. Variety is not needed here. On the contrary, when changing feed, a digestive system disorder is possible.

When choosing food for a boxer, stop at a quality product (premium or super premium). Match it to your dog’s size, body condition, age, and activity level.

It is better to feed the dog several times a day, in small portions, avoiding overeating.

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